About us

We're an IT company through body and soul. And we love it!

We're an IT company through body and soul. And we love it!

We're an innovative company.

Datapac has more than 20 years of experience with innovation. The company’s main activity is the development and implementation of information systems for the management of retail networks and advanced analytics services. We keep pace with the latest trends and technologies and support our customers with professional service. We are a strong and reliable partner on the European market.


Past achievements

  • We were the first distributor for Citrix solutions for Slovakia and the Czech Republic
  • We were the first to start using IFSF Standards for the communication of devices at service stations in Eastern Europe
  • We were the first to develop a solution for the management and administration of service stations with a multi user, multithread system and multitask operating system

We improve the quality of our customers' business.

We know the needs of our customers. We're constantly informed about current events, so we can effectively respond to market requirements. We continuously innovate our products and solutions. That is why today we're the largest company in the sector of information systems for service stations in Slovakia.

We address customer requirements in real-time, fast, but at a good quality. Individual access is a certainty. We also satisfy non-standard requirements, turning problems into challenges.


We are here for you.

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